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Financial Ratios Financial Ratio - 1202 Words

Financial Ratios In the acquisitions and mergers of companies, there are several financial ratios that are essential to consider. These financial ratios give clear pictures of the financial position of the parent company and the company that is to be acquired. The financial ratios indicate whether a company is in a financial position to acquire a new company, and whether it would be in the best interest of the parent company to acquire the new company. It is also important to note that an accurate indication of the strength of a ratio is dependent on industry average, competitors ratios and the historical ratios of the respective companies. These financial ratios are discussed below. Liquidity Ratios The first set of financial ratios to†¦show more content†¦This computation is done to determine the amount of cash that make up a company’s current assets to cover current liabilities. The goal of these ratios is to provide a clear picture of a company’s ability to satisfy short term financial obligations given that such obligations needs to be satisfies within a specific short period of time (Ahmend, 2015). Solvency Ratios The next set of ratios to consider is the solvency ratios. The solvency ratios include the debt to equity ratio, debt to asset ratio and interest coverage ratio. The debt to equity ratio is calculated by dividing the total debt of a company by the total equity of the company. When the debt to equity ratio is high, it is an indication that a company financed mostly by debt. While this may not necessarily be a bad thing depending on the size of the company a high debt to equity ratio implies that there are more interests and creditors that a company has to pay in the future. It depicts a higher risk in terms of a company’s ability to satisfy its financial long terms debts. The debt to asset ratio measures a company’s total asset against total liabilities. A higher debt to asset ratio indicates that a company has a lot more debt than it can potentially pay in the future. The interest coverage ratio measures a company’s ability to pay off interest on loans with the current operating income. It is calculated by dividing operating income by interest expense. The higher the

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The Effects Of Lumpectomy As A Breast Conserving Surgery

Lumpectomy. The lumpectomy is a breast-conserving surgery that removes only the tissue containing the cancer. Lumpectomies are more successful when tumor detection occurs in an earlier stage and smaller size. A patient may opt for a tissue biopsy and lumpectomy simultaneously however, research is dismal in the lifespan impact on this particular surgical approach. Radiation. Radiation therapy can be useful in all stages of breast cancer, however Stage I and II radiation therapy with lumpectomy is recommended. The ongoing research identifies without radiation treatment there is a relatively high chance of cancer recurrence up to 35%; with radiation as an adjuvant therapy the cancer risk decreases to 5-10% (MCGWC, 2007). Radiation treatment also accompanies a mastectomy if axillary lymph nodes test positive, a tumor is greater than five centimeters, or margin borders of the tumor are narrow between healthy cells and tumor cells (MCGWC, 2007). Systemic therapy. Both surgery and radiation therapy target tumor cells in a specific region. However, tumor cells can migrate and metastasize to other regions in the body through the lymph system. Adjuvant systemic therapy may be beneficial depending on staging, grade, tumor size, cell proliferation and oncogene activation. Oncogenes warrant further study as a treatment to alter genes that are unable to suppress cell proliferation; when damaged the proteins produced by the oncogenes can turn normal cells into cancer cells. The mostShow MoreRelatedBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer912 Words   |  4 Pagesan invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2016, a projected 246,660 new cases of invasive breast cancer are estimated to be detected, along with an additional 61,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer. There are greater than 2.8 million women with a diagnosis of breast cancer in the United States, including women presently being treated and women who have completed treatment. Research developments over the past twenty years have ultimately altered the prognosis of breast cancer careRead MoreBreast Cancer Treatment1620 Words   |  7 PagesBreast Cancer Treatment Breast cancer is turning to be one of the top killer women in the world. This kind of cancerous tumor is attacking breast tissue of woman. A disease in which abnormal cells in the breast divide and multiply in an uncontrolled fashion. The cells can invade nearby tissue and can spread through the bloodstream and lymphatic system to others part of the body and start to kill the organ one by one. By giving a breast cancer treatment will decrease the number of populationRead MoreBreast Cancer Staging At Cancer And The International Union For Cancer Control Classification System2132 Words   |  9 PagesBreast Cancer Staging â€Å"Breast cancer is staged using the American Joint Committee on Cancer and the International Union for Cancer Control classification system for tumor, nodes, and metastases (TNM)† (Esserman, 2013). The first part of the tumor staging system, as seen in Table 2, assesses that of the primary tumor itself by means of clinical breast exam and imaging studies and is represented by the letter â€Å"T† on the staging table. Mammogram is an essential part of assessing the primary tumorRead MoreTaking a Look at Breast Cancer1760 Words   |  7 PagesStates will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and about 2,360 new cases are expected in men. Breast cancer will possibly cause death to more than 40,000 female patients and 400 male patients in 2014. Excluding skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer that American women are diagnosed with. Additionally, breast cancer ranks second in the most deadly cancers among women today, just after lung cancer. Breast cancer is any cancer that starts from the breast tissues. It refers to the formationRead MoreBreast Cancer on the Cellular Level Essay examples2047 Words   |  9 PagesBreast Cancer at the Cellular Level There are many different diseases that terrorize the human race every day. Of all of these sicknesses, one of the most devastating is breast cancer. Breast cancer touches all types of people all over the world each day. It is actually the second most common cancer amongst women in the United States. One in every eight women in the United States has some form of breast cancer and currently, the death rates are higher than any other cancer with the exceptionRead MoreBreast Cancer : A Common And Potentially Fatal Form Of Cancer1504 Words   |  7 PagesBreast cancer is a common and potentially fatal form of cancer that affects both men and women. Different patients are given different types of treatment depending on their stage. There are also steps that people can take to not only detect, but also to prevent being affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer treatments have made great leaps forward, allowing both genders to have expectations of victory over the disease. Although breast ca ncer today has affected many lives among females and males,Read MoreBreast Cancer : A Disease That Comes Unexpectedly Essay1072 Words   |  5 PagesBreast cancer is a disease that comes unexpectedly; many people tend to overlook the symptoms. There are different types of breast cancers that require treatments and surgery. The course of treatment varies from patient to patient because there are many factors that can contribute to a patient’s treatment plan. Once the plan is in place, there are many things that will need to be done in order to ensure that the cancer will not return. Trying to beat cancer can be a long, extraneous, and in someRead MoreCancer Is The Disease Caused By A Wild Detachment Of Unusual Cells1648 Words   |  7 PagesBreast Cancer Cancer is the disease caused by a wild detachment of unusual cells in a part of the body. Cancer is the name given to a collection of related diseases. In all types of cancer, some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. Cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body, which is made up of trillions of cells. Normally, human cells grow and divide to form new cells as the body needs them. When cells grow old or become damaged, theyRead MoreEssay on Breast Cancer1788 Words   |  8 Pages Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, it accounts for one of every three diagnoses in the United States. Breast cancers are malignancies, life threatening tumors that develops in one or both breasts. A female breast consists of fatty and fibrous connective tissues. The interior of the breast is divided into about twenty different sections called lobes. Each of the lobes is further divided in to lobules, which are structures that contain small milk-producing glands. These glandsRead More Breast Cancer Essay2259 Words   |  10 PagesBreast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world (Breast). Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed: one in eight women will have breast cancer (Walgreens, 2011; Chen, 2010). â€Å"I have to admit, like so many women, I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women, I never thought it would be me. I never thought Id hear those devastating words: You have breast cancer. â€Å"- Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a democratic representative of Florida (2011). Mutations turn genes on and off

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Global Business Cultural Analysis Of International Business

GLOBAL BUSINESS CULTURAL ANALYSIS Winter Harris BUSI604_B01 July 3, 2015 Dr. Stephen Preacher Abstract International business has been a part of society for centuries. With the introduction of modern technological advances, countries have moved from participating in business ventures primarily by land or boat and advanced to virtual environments and acquiring passports that enable flights all over the world. This impact has challenged businesses to improve their cultural relations as they venture into unknown markets that are on the opposite end of their cultural spectrum and perspective. The world is a vast melting pot of all walks of life. The business world is no different and requires even sharper skills, especially when entering environments that may be tense or chaotic. This paper examines the country of Italy and how its culture impacts business domestically and internationally. It discusses the various strengths and weaknesses of its economic environment and the potential gains or losses a foreign investor may consider when deciding whether or not enter the Italian marke t. Keywords: Italy, culture, business, SWOT analysis, labor, markets Global Business Cultural Analysis Italy is a peninsula situated in the southern part of Europe, primarily surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is estimated to be home to more than 58 million people. While Italians make up a large part of the population, immigration has played a major role in the steadyShow MoreRelatedA Brief Note On Cross Cultural Communication And Understanding Cultural Differences1625 Words   |  7 PagesCross-Culture Communication Competence in Global Business Celeste Aisien Lo COMS 2331 Dr. Richard Bello April 29th 2015â€Æ' Competence in cross-cultural communication and understanding cultural differences is becoming more crucial in today’s society. Technology is advancing in a rapid pace and is allowing more opportunities in migration therefore existing countries has never had so much to do with each other until today. As a result of becoming inter-connected, global business is progressing rapidly. MajorityRead MoreAnalysis of the Primary Models of International Marketing721 Words   |  3 PagesInternational Marketing Introduction The three primary models that international marketing is predicated on include ethnocentric, geocentric and polycentric approaches to entering, selling to and serving new markets. Each of these approaches have inherent strengths and weaknesses associated with them, and the intent of this analysis is to explain how the way a company markets a product or service will dictate the selection of one over another. There are many cultural differences and factorsRead MoreCase Study: Go Global or No1091 Words   |  5 PagesCase study: Go Global or No Abstract Greg McNally, the CEO of the DataClear had owned the data analysis market for two years to itself. But British VisiDat had starting to compete by producing beta testing of data analysis package. DataClear had the potential to expand their business in other industries such as the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical or expand overseas to prevent their business from going down and beaten by the competitor. Issues As the British VisiDat starting to sellRead MoreAnalysis: The Benefits and Challenges of Improving Intercultural Communication912 Words   |  4 PagesWashington, Okoro and Thomas (2012) have written an analysis of the benefits and challenges of improving intercultural communication in international business. Their article functions as an overview of some key issues, and is fairly well-researched, but ultimately treads no new ground. The article first outlines the case for improved intercultural communication, noting that business is becoming increasingly globalized. As nations come together, there is the risk that ventures and deals could failRead MoreMultinational Companies : An Organization Essay1536 Words   |  7 Pagesorganisational, local, and international management, thus, to be able to success the weakness and strength of the company must recognize to determine their capabilities before the management can proceed to international. It is very important for the multination al companies to increase the product life cycle for growing capabilities and to expand from domestic to globalization. However, many of multinational companies will be facing different dilemmas and obstacles towards to international market. AdditionallyRead MoreMarketing Strategy For Global Brand Management1215 Words   |  5 PagesShoreham-by-Sea. They are a truly international organization and face the challenges that come with this in terms of controlling and monitoring on the one hand and achieving full market potential on the other. Global brand management involves â€Å"determining communalities and differences in the business strategy, brand expression and marketing and being able to develop an international strategy that incorporates these. Corporate strategy relates to how an organization plans its future business, its growth and itsRead MoreGlobal Business Cultural Analysis Of Japan Essay1627 Words   |  7 Pages Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan James Hendricks Liberty University Global Business Cultural Analysis: Japan Technological advancement has made globalization an inevitable factor that businesses of the future will need to consider in order to be successful. Increasingly, companies that have been solely domestic are branching out internationally for a wide variety of reasons, but in the end, it’s all about making profits from previously inaccessible market segments. Read MoreCultural Environment Of International Business Essay1327 Words   |  6 Pages Cultural Environment of International Business Vanda Mallo Keiser University â€Æ' Abstract Understanding the management role relative to cultural influences is critical for today’s managers who want to interact proficiently across borders. One important concept which provides insight into the idea of intercultural aptitude is the notion of â€Å"mindfulness† or the ability to interact with others from different cultures. Managers must become more culturally sensitive since diversity in the workplaceRead MoreInternational Vs Domestic Strategies : International Marketing Model1326 Words   |  6 PagesInternational vs Domestic Strategies Strategies are the models of guiding companies from the existing position to where it owners would like it to be. Strategies are varying based on the business model. Business growth strategies, human resource development strategies, marketing tactics and internal goal-setting are the major focused areas in a business. Based on the business model, there are domestic and international strategies are implemented. International strategies are set up considering largeRead MoreEntry Into the Foreign Market: Investing in Myanmar1573 Words   |  6 Pagespolitical, economic, and legal change and uncertainty, as well as opportunities for business, can distinguish market entry in transitional countries. In such environments, business can contribute tangibly to a countrys national development. However, the stakes are high for the company and the country. When countries are weak in their development, changes enacted are tenuous. Trusted, committed partners and business are critical (Peng, 2009) . In Myanmar, the political and economic reforms in the

Diseases and Medicinal Treatments of the Tang Dynasty in...

Diseases and their treatments changed and shaped the modern world. The Tang Dynasty of Ancient China had great value to the medicinal fields and led the way for medical technology and advancements that are used today by standardizing the supreme methods, procedures, and treatments during this time period; therefore, they made it less complicated for people to learn and teach how to practice medicine. Areas of medicine that were greatly improved and exceptionally recorded during the Tang Dynasty were symptomatology, etiology, surgery, orthopedics, and traumatology. Chao Yuanfang, an imperial court physician of the Sui Dynasty (the dynasty that came before the Tang), compiled Treatise on Causes and Symptoms of Diseases and started the†¦show more content†¦Surgery has come a long way since the Tang Dynasty. Nowaday, surgeons use better sterilization techniques and methods to treat the ill. The records from the Tang Dynasty paved the way so the surgeons could be successful in treating people today. When surgery is too inept to restore the patient to full health, orthopedics and traumatology combined could. A fusion of the two is surgery and therapy afterwards. The Confucius Institute Network (2009) has discovered the book: Xian Shou Li Shang Xu Duan Mi Fang (Secrets of Treating Wounds and Rejoining Fractures Handed Down by a Fairy), written by a Taoist priest surnamed Lin of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), is the earliest existing monograph on orthopedics and traumatology in China. This piece of literature describes position, exercise, and medication as the optimum methods for the treatment of fractures. Especially, the method of using small splints to immobilize a local area. Another crucial idea from Xian Shou Li Shang Xu Duan Mi Fang was the therapeutic idea of integrating the splint-induced immobilization and exercise. This became the therapeutic principle for treating fractures and is still used today. In Chao Yuanfang’s Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun (Treatise on Causes and Symptoms of Diseases), there had been more than 130 kinds of skin diseases and some rarely seen diseases recorded. Records of these diseases and their treatmentsShow MoreRelatedEssay about Exotic Food: Eating Snakes1466 Words   |  6 PagesOnline, snakes have medical values in China culture. This is because many parts of the snakes can be used as an medicine to different diseases. The nutritional values of snakes will be further discussed in 5.0 Nutritional Value and Interesting Facts. There are many type of snake in this world with different pattern, shape, size and colour such as rattlesnake, python, brown tree snake. The earliest record of eating snakes as food come from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D). At that time, it is saidRead MoreA History Of The World1811 Words   |  8 Pagesof beer is linked to the first civilizations because it led to the domestication of cereal grains, the development of farming, early migrations, and the development of river valley societies in Egypt and Mesopotamia. 2. The history of beer in the ancient world tells us that the early civilizations used beer from when they were born to when they died. Beer used to be a currency and a religious offering; in early civilizations they incorporated it into everyday life. 3. The sources the author uses includeRead MoreA History Of The World1811 Words   |  8 Pagesof beer is linked to the first civilizations because it led to the domestication of cereal grains, the development of farming, early migrations, and the development of river valley societies in Egypt and Mesopotamia. 2. The history of beer in the ancient world tells us that the early civilizations used beer from when they were born to when they died. Beer used to be a currency and a religious offering; in early civilizations they incorporated it into everyday life. 3. The sources the author uses includeRead MoreEssay about Traditional Chinese Medicine3269 Words   |  14 Pagesoften called the bible of TCM. Today, TCM is still thriving in China and all of Asia. In recent years, information on TCM has become available to people in the United States. The United States has several schools of TCM, and it is now much easier to buy the necessary supplies needed for correct practice of TCM (Gascoigne 11-7). During some time about 1000 years ago in the Song Dynasty, a man named Chen Yan classified the causes of disease into three different categories (Gao 31). Chinese medicineRead MoreEssay on Traditional Chinese Medicine3332 Words   |  14 Pagescalled the bible of TCM. Today, TCM is still thriving in China and all of Asia. In recent years, information on TCM has become available to people in the United States. The United States has several schools of TCM, and it is now much easier to buy the necessary supplies needed for correct practice of TCM (Gascoigne 11-7). During some time about 1000 years ago in the Song Dynasty, a man named Chen Yan classified the causes of disease into three different categories (Gao 31). Chinese medicineRead MoreUse Of Traditional Chinese Medicine During The Treatment Of Schizophrenia Essay7976 Words   |  32 Pages The Use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Schizophrenia Shoanie Young Spring 2015 â€Æ' Part I: Biomedical Perspective Introduction Schizophrenia is a complex psychotic disorder evident by impaired thinking, emotions, judgment and behaviors. The person’s grasp of reality may be so disordered that they are unable to filter sensory stimuli and may have intense perceptions of sounds, colors, and other features of their environment. Although there are different levelsRead MoreComparative Study of Pakistan Chinese Cultures13385 Words   |  54 Pagesand provinces. Important components of Chinese penetrates in every aspect of the life of the local people. The diversity of ethnic groups with medicine and craftworks raise an aspiration and pursuit worldwide. The over 5,000 years history endows China with a profound culture, which Chinese culture is one of the worlds oldest. The area in which the culture is interesting folk customs and traditions infuses different vigor to the development of this nation. Some of the cultural heritage like the

Point of Sales and Inventory System Free Essays

Communication -from Latin â€Å"communis†, meaning  to share) is the activity of conveying  information  through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour. Communication requires a sender, a  message, and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender’s intent to communicate at the time of communication; thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. We will write a custom essay sample on Point of Sales and Inventory System or any similar topic only for you Order Now The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. Communication is the process where the one person is expressing his or her idea and the other one is listening to the idea being expressed by the one who is talking. That is how you define communication. When this results to have an understanding to both of them, therefore there is already a communication. In other words, when a person is talking, the other person should listen so that he will understand to what the other person is talking about. When a person talks and nobody listens, then there is no communication happening because there is no understanding. The people just heard what the person in front of them is talking but they do not listen to it well that is why they do not understand about the topic. I will give you further examples for you to understand what communication is. Mass Communication -is the academic study of how individuals and entities relay information through  mass media  to large segments of the population at the same time. It is usually understood to relate to  newspaper  and  magazine  publishing,  radio,  television  and  film, as these are used both for disseminating  news  and for  advertising. Mass communication helps provide information, interpret it, create social awareness, and educate the masses. Mass communication research includes most of communication media institutions and processes such as diffusion of information, and media effects such as persuasion or manipulation of public opinion. In the United States, for instance, several university  departments were remodelled into schools or colleges of mass communication or â€Å"journalism and mass communication†. Levels of Communication 1) INTRAPERSONAL COMMUNICATION- is language use or thought internal to the communicator. Intrapersonal communication is the active internal involvement of the individual in symbolic processing of messages. The individual becomes his or her own sender and receiver, providing feedback to him or herself in an on-going internal process. It can be useful to envision intrapersonal communication occurring in the mind of the individual in a model which contains a sender, receiver, and feedback loop. 2) INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION- Interpersonal communication  is defined by communication scholars in numerous ways, though most definitions involve participants who are interdependent on one another, have a shared history. Communication channels are the medium chosen to convey the message from sender to receiver. Communication channels can be categorized into two main categories: Direct and Indirect channels of communication. Direct channels  are those that are obvious and can be easily recognized by the receiver. They are also under direct control of the sender. In this category are the verbal and non-verbal channels of communication. Verbal  communication channels are those that use words in some manner, such as written communication or spoken communication. Non-verbal  communication channels are those that do not require silly words, such as certain overt facial expressions, controllable body movements (such as that made by a traffic police to control traffic at an intersection), color (red for danger, green means go etc), sound (sirens, alarms etc. ). Indirect channels  are those channels that are usually recognized subliminally or subconsciously by the receiver, and not under direct control of the sender. This includes kinesics or body language, that reflects the inner emotions and motivations rather than the actual delivered message. It also includes such vague terms as â€Å"gut feeling†, â€Å"hunches† or â€Å"premonitions†. Channels  means mode of communicating the messages. Participants  is the communicators who are both senders and receivers. Context  refers to the interrelated condition of communication. It consists of such factors as:   Physical Milieu Balance of interpersonal communication 3. ) GROUP COMMUNICATION-  refers to the nature of communication that occurs in groups that are between 3 and 12 individuals. Small group communication generally takes place in a context that mixes interpersonal communication interactions with social clustering. 4. ) PUBLIC COMMUNICATION-  It’s at the heart of our economy, society, and politics. Studios use it to promote their films. Politicians use it to get elected. Businesses use it to burnish their image. Advocates use it to promote social causes. It’s a field built on ideas and images, persuasion and information, strategy and tactics. No policy or product can succeed without a smart message targeted to the right audience in creative and innovative ways. Modes of Communication amateurs use a variety of voice, text, image, and data communications modes over radio. Generally new modes can be tested in the amateur radio service, although national regulations may require disclosure of a new mode to permit radio licensing authorities to monitor the transmissions. Encryption, for example, is not generally permitted in the Amateur Radio service except for the special purpose of satellite vehicle control uplinks. The following is a partial list of the modes of communication used, where the mode includes both  modulation  types and operating protocols. History of Communication Dates back to prehistory, with significant changes in communication technologies (media and appropriate inscription tools) evolving in tandem with shifts in political and economic systems, and by extension, systems of power. [1]  Communication  can range from very subtle processes of exchange, to full  conversations  and  mass communication. Human communication was revolutionized with  speech  approximately 200,000 years ago]. Symbols  were developed about 30,000 years ago,[2]  and writing  about 7,000[On a much shorter scale, there have been major developments in the field of  telecommunication  in the past few centuries. Communication begins with language, the distinctive ability which has made possible the evolution of h uman society. With language any message, no matter how complex, can be conveyed between people over a limited distance – within a room or place of assembly, or across a short open space. In modern times ‘town criers’ hold an annual contest to discover which of them can shout a comprehensible message over the greatest distance. The world record is less than 100 metres. Already, at that short range, a more practical alternative is to run with the message. How to cite Point of Sales and Inventory System, Essay examples Point of Sales and Inventory System Free Essays â€Å"A Proposed Point of Sales and Inventory System for Wink Printer Solution† Wink Printer and Ink Services Older systems were all software-based and were imperfect in their design. Modern software systems have come a long way now that they are written like software and less like a function-specific operating system. The older POS solutions were limited to basic sales functions and did not leave room for addition sale options, like placing an item on layaway. We will write a custom essay sample on Point of Sales and Inventory System or any similar topic only for you Order Now Those older systems can still be found, but are slowly being phased out because of the advantages of the modern solutions. Convenience and broader potential are the biggest differences and are what make sales transactions in our day such a smooth process. Wink Printer Solutions (formerly Wink Computer Services) was established and registered with the Department of Trade and Industry in October 18, 2005. Its Main Office is in San Miguel, Bulacan. The business concept came from the idea that companies are resorting to the use of refilled ink cartridges to save on printing costs. From ink refilling, it has since evolved and expanded to printer repair and conversion and retail of inks, printers, and printer peripherals. Wink has already disposed numerous printers to various corporate and individual customers. Wink PS has also serviced the printers of various individuals and businesses from inkjets to multi-functions. We are among the pioneers of the CHIPLESS PRINTERS in the Philippines. Products and Services : Wink PS offers wholesale prices for buyers/resellers who buy in bulk. Inks: We pride ourselves in the use of ONLY PREMIUM inks for all printers. We sell and use only premium dye inks in our efforts to promote â€Å"Ink-Use Awareness† to all printer-users. Not all inks are the same. They are made from different formulation using different raw materials. The unique formula of the ink allows them to conform to the majority of Epson, Canon, HP, Brother models, which produce the excellent color rendition, and gives a bright and juicy image–an excellent alternative to the original inks. The compatibility formula produces quality images and helps prolong the printer head. The printer head with our Premium Inks does not dry up within 3 months when in an idle printer. Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) We have two kinds of tanks to suit customers’ preferences. Our Printers’ CISS come with stylish, elegant, clean tanks and PREMIUM DYE INKS. No tubes or hoses seen outside. The CISS is installed neatly, working seamlessly inside; no trace of hose can be seen when the printer’s cover is closed. The CISS is fixed on the side of the printer, yet when needed, the tanks can be easily pulled out. Printers: Wink is an authorized dealer of Epson, Canon, Brother, HP, Fuji, Samsung printers, copiers, and consumables. Repairs: Wink PS has been in the printer repair business for 5 years, servicing all kinds of printers and multi-functions of various corporate and individual customers in the process. From mechanical to technical problems, there are dedicated technicians who stop at nothing to make the units work. Wink PS thrives on customers’ trust. As such, it is our strictest policy never to â€Å"steal† any of the customer’s printer parts and transfer to others. We get parts from scrap printers that we buy in bulk from suppliers. Others: CISS accessories, Cartridges, Cleaning Solution, Transfer Papers. Feature of the Proposed System Editing of price Monitoring of database Lessen time spent on work on inputting of Sales and Inventory Backend support Automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data. Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle. Align your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives. See all customer interactions and transactions View service issues, pending orders, overdue invoices These are the major advantages and disadvantage of both types of POS systems: Web-based POS Advantages The provider will back-up all of your important information on their server so you will not lose anything due to a computer crash or theft. You can access reports, inventory and other information from any computer with an internet connection. You do not have to purchase expensive POS software. Most services provide free updates so your POS program will never become outdated. Web-based POS programs are easy to upgrade. You can add features or work stations to fit your business as your business grows or during busy seasons. The provider can address technical problems instantly over the web by accessing your account and fixing problems remotely. Some even offer 24/7 support. Disadvantages Web-based POS providers charge a monthly fee. You have to have the internet connected to your retail workstation. Some providers require you to use their hardware, which can be expensive. If you lose your Internet connection, you will not be able to access the program. Some providers charge a startup fee. Software-based POS Advantages There are no monthly fees associated with the software. The software-based POS does not require an internet connection. You can use any hardware that is compatible with the software. Software-based programs are generally easy to set up and use. Disadvantages Some manufactures require you to purchase updates to keep your software current. You cannot upgrade the software. As your business grows, you will have to purchase new software or more licenses. You cannot access reports, inventory and other information from any computer with an internet connection. If you need technical support, you have to email or phone the manufacturer and relay the problem to them. How to cite Point of Sales and Inventory System, Papers

Event Management CA Group

Question: Discuss about theEvent Management for CA Group. Answer: Introduction A sport event has been organized in Sydney, Australia. This event is being organized by CA group. This event is planned to revitalize the area of Sydney and provide a new flow of energy in them. The sponsors to this event are sports vendo and BOSS. Characteristics of Event Management The name of the theme of this sport event is sportum. It has been expected by CA group that 3lacs people would be involved in this event. The purpose of the sport event is to create awareness regarding health issues in Sydney. The event would be focusing on making people health conscious and making them and healthy. The participants of this event would be trained on health issues, personality development, and physical development. The timing of the event would be from morning 5:30 to 11:30 a: m. The organizer of this event is sports vendo. It would also sponsor this event as it aid in relations to public and will promote sports activities (Swanepoel). Besides this the event would also be sponsored by BOSS (BOSS, 2017). Positive and Negative Aspect of the Event The positive aspects of this event are as: it would lead to impact in a positive way in respect of health issues of the people of Sydney. This would also impact in a positive way to sport heritage of the region. It would benefit the economy in terms of reducing health issues. It would increase in nation recognition and tourism. Hence it would help the organization in gaining international acceptance. This involves sponsorship of big business of sports; hence it would increase in the investment in their respective companies. Besides this, it would also help the company in increasing the infrastructure and transport facilities of the region for ex public transport. Besides such positive impacts, it would also help in injecting the money into Australian economy, and through Australian economy, the money would be injected in an indirect manner to world economy (Aicher, Koba Newland, 2015). Negative aspects of sport event as organized by CA group are as: to organize a sport event would lead to generation of high cost like as cost of setting stadiums, advertisement. The advertisement has a considerable impact on sports event. If the event has been advertised in a negative manner, all the stated positive impacts would become the negative impact for the company, sponsors, organizers and economy of the country as well as world economy. Besides such negative impacts, one of the major impacts is in increase in cost. As to organize an event of sport, a high level of security needs to be established. This can lead to increase in cost to public in terms of transport and freedom f movement. Hence the increase in negative impacts like cost would like to reduction in organizing again events like sport. The organizing of sport event would lead impact in a negative manner to physical, environmental and economic aspect in short term. One of the impacts in terms of economy is how the economy benefits would be measured. While in case of environment, it impact in terms of consumption of energy and generation of waste products by public came to visit the event. In case of physical impact, there has been a risk of type and scale, and effectiveness of event. Marketing of Event Mission The mission of the event is to make people of Sydney aware regarding the issues related to health. Besides this the event organizers are also planning to increase the education related to sports business and increase in experiences of sports industry by making effective this event. Objective The objective of this event is to guide the people of region regarding sport. It helps in making the people more professional so that their interest can be increased in sports activity and increase in the participation from them in future. Besides such, the event would also describe about the negative aspects of overuse of drugs, alcohol (Sabrautzki, 2010). Situation Analysis Besides the vision, mission and objective, a sport management needs to make a strategic analysis over its situation analysis. It is done for making effective strategies in relation to future and to better able to be in a position of having control over external as well as internal contingencies. Foe effective situational analysis, it is preferred for an organization to conduct SWOT analysis which is an analysis over internal and external contingencies such as strength, weakness, opportunities and threats respectively. After SWOT analysis, another marketing tool such as PEST analysis has been described as below. PEST analysis describes majorly on external factors as faced by the organization may be in present or in future time. PEST analysis can be described as political, economic, social and technological factors. However legal factors have also been described as below (Pahl Richter, 2009). SWOT Analysis Strength (S): sport event leads to increase in commitment of community and would make the people of nation experienced about sports activity. Besides this the organizers have employed highly skilled people who possess a variety of professions and trade. The event has a good amount of interested public for the event. The organizers would be providing some entertaining factor. Apart from this the event would be conducting a health test for the people registered for the event. Weakness (W): the weakness laid by the sport event as organized by CA group is lack of availability of cash. As organizing an event which would be involving around 3 lacs people would lead to occurrence of high cost. The weakness laid by the sport event is that it has a low profile and hence the organizer is not able to attract good sponsors. Besides this the event has a lack number of volunteers, which can affect the performance of the event as a whole. The organizers of the event has a lack of coverage in media, this can affect the advertising strategies of the CA group. Opportunity (O): the opportunity with the organization of a sport event is that, the programs offered in the event are not biased to classes. It means that event would be enjoyed by a variety of section of the Sydney population. Besides this the CA group would also has an opportunity in providing some manuals, books and videos to motivate people regarding reduction of health issues and measures for staying healthy. If performed effectively, the CA group has an opportunity in terms of expectations of increase in attendance of the people if any event is organized in future. Threats (T): The threat as faced by the CA group is the fear of not going the event effective and would lead the organization to turn into losses. By not performing in the desired manner would lead to impact in negative way in the minds of consumers. Besides this CA group has a threat in disruption in weather. This can impact the event performances in negative aspect due to disruptions. The group also has a threat of losing its key personal due to lack of strategies in relation to future. Besides this one of the major threat as faced by the event managers is inability of recovering the cost by the income earn by it (CPR group, 2011). PEST Analysis PEST analysis makes apparent hidden opportunities and threats as may be faced by the organization in future. It majorly emphasizes on the external factors of the organization. Hence by doing PEST analysis an organization may find easy to form strategies to grab its opportunities with minimizing the impact of threats on it (Rao, Rao Sivaramaakrishna, 2009). Political factor (P): organizing sport event lead to increase in status of the government of Sydney, Australia. It is easy by organizing sport event, increasing the strength of the economy and development of the nation. Economic factor (E): the sport event would lead in improving the infrastructure of Sydney. Increase in infrastructure would lead to increase in gross domestic product of the nation. Besides this sport event affects the economy in terms of increase in tourism, urban development, infrastructure aspect and many more. Social factor (S): the social impact of a sport event cannot be measured in quantitative terms as like economic and technological factors. However increase in sport event in a nation lead to increase in the recognition of city and nation as a whole as hi-tech and famous city or nation of the world. This has lead to indirect increase in the development of the nation in terms of investment, foreign direct investment and job opportunities. Technological factor (T): this is in terms of increase in use of high technology, social media to make sport event successful. CA group has been shown growth in avenues for new companies and companies focusing in technology by the way of introducing new aspects of designing, lighting and sound system Legal factor (L): for organizing sport event, the country and region in which such event is to organize, has favorable laws and regulations. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) Market segmentation described about how the organization should segment its market so to manage it effectively. In the given case of a sport management it describes about how the position would be done of an event so to remain competitive by complying with the laws and regulations formed by the government. Market segmentation can be classified into three parts which are segmentation, targeting and positioning (Parent Swan, 2013). Segmentation: the customer base of an organization is very large. To classify the customer base into loyal consumers, price sensitive consumers and many more aspects, it is the responsibility of the organization. Segmentation is done to make strategies effective and less cost worth. The main objective of segmentation is to make an effective strategic plan for its most profitable and reachable customers. This can be done by an organization by focusing on the resources to be offered and marketing strategies to be followed. In relation to the given case it is considered as important because the organization indulged in sport activity has money and time constraint. The segmentation can be done in the form of demographic, psychographic, socioeconomic, behavioral and geographic factors. The CA group considers geographic and demographic factors majorly as it focus on the population of Sydney, Australia. While in case of demographic factor the CA group is considering on motivating people reg arding reduction of health issues and healthy lifestyle. Targeting: the customers are to be targeted by the organization on the basis of size, profitability, behavioral variations, cultural factors, reach, and measurability. This has to be done by the organization to get its command over competitive advantage in a targeted market which can be in terms of resources or time. In the given case it need to be considered by CA group to get an idea about communication and advertising strategies to be followed, as it would highly affect the companys cost structure. Positioning: after segmenting the customers base, company has to target them by applying some marketing strategies. In positioning, the company has to make efforts for making the consumers perceive about the company efforts. The efforts are to be in a form of strategies, products and offerings allowed that make the company different from its competitors. In the given case study, CA group has to make some strategies that make its consumers perceive different from its competitors. These efforts can be in a form of products offered such as providing booklets or services in the form of discounts for early consumers or consumers who show their interest in future sport event as to be organized by CA group. Marketing Mix Strategies Marketing mix strategies are a short form of 4ps that are product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix is to be adopted by the organization so as to influence its marketing mix. This is done to fulfill the changing demands of consumers and if followed in a long term, this can lead to competitive advantage to company. Marketing mix is considered as a practical concept rather than a theoretical concept. Following are some marketing strategies as to be adopted by the company in order to get competitive advantage and to change companys strategies in relation to changing customer demands and needs (Richter, 2012). Product: in marketing mix, product refers as the physical thing or intangible thing that is the basic objective of the company it sell. It is the main existence of the company. The company has to make some strategies in relation to its product that is how it would be perceived on the minds of consumers. In relation to the sport event as organized by CA group, the company has to make some strategies for change in the product. These strategies can be in form of design, research and development and advertising. For this CA group, has to make strategies in relation to brand strategies, brand extension. For this CA group might require some licensing from related authority. Besides this CA group required to form some copyright or trademarks in related to any differentiation strategy adopted for its product and services offered as such in case of booklets offered or some healthy drinks offered, or the equipments endorsed by the company. Price: it is the second P of marketing mix. It quantifies the products and services as offered by the company in money terms. In case of a sport event, the price to be charged is in the form of ticket charges. For setting effective prices, the company has to form some strategies regarding its customers that what price should be charged for different type of products and services offered. Besides this it also needs to be considered the perception of the customers regarding prices that is price sensitive or non sensitive prices. The price which can be charged by the CA group should be perceived benefits of sport product/ price of sport product. Hence by analyzing this it can be said that CA group should charge at least 150 for ticket to sport event. Place: it is called as 3rd P of marketing mix. The place plays a considerable role in the company marketing mix. The product and services would only be purchased by the consumer if it is in the reach of them. The place should be decided by the company by keeping companys targeted customers in the mind in relation to their reach. In case of CA group, it is focusing on population of Sydney, Australia. Hence the event would also be organized at Sydney. Promotion: it is the 4th P of marketing mix. It offers the ways through which the information would be transferred by the company to its customers. It helps in creating an image in the minds of the consumer. In relation to the given case study of CA group, promotional strategy would help the company in creating brand awareness of the event, building image in the minds of the consumer. The promotional strategies to be followed by CA group are advertising, publicity, enhancing relations with Sydney population, personal advertising by supplying brochure. These elements need to adopt simultaneously as they benefit each other in terms of benefits to the company. Conclusion By analyzing over the report it can be concluded that for organizing a sport event, the basic objective of event should be decided before. According to the marketing strategies as followed by CA group it is clear, that it would be a successful event. References Aicher, T, J,. Koba, A, L, P Newland, B,. (2015) Sport facility and event management. Jones Barlett publishers. Burlington BOSS,. (2017) Business of sport summit. Retrieved at CPR group,. (2011) Building better clubs workshop: Planning and running sporting events. Retrieved at Gong, Q,. (2012) UNLV. The positive and negative economic contributions of Mega-sporting to local communities. Retrieved at Pahl,N Richter,A,. (2009) Swot analysis-idea, methodology and a practical approach. GRIN verlag, Germany Parent,M,M Swan, S, S,. (2013). Managing major sports events: theory and practice. Routledge, Abingdon Pettinger, T,. (2016) Economics help, Advantages of hosting a major event. Retrieved at Rao, C, A,. Rao, B, P Sivaramaakrishna, K,. (2009) Strategic management and business policy. Excel books, New Delhi, India Richter,T,.(2012) International marketing mix management: theoretical framework, contingency factors and empirical findings from world-markets. Logos Verlag, Berlin Sabrautzki, S,. (2010) Strategies, mission, vision, goals. GRIN verlag, Germany Swanepoel,L,. Our mission statement. Retrieved at

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The Use of Social Media in Marketing

There is every indication that social media marketing is rapidly replacing the conventional marketing platforms that have been used for a long time. The World Wide Web has been widely accepted as a viable medium through which marketing can be executed.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Use of Social Media in Marketing specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a matter of fact, most contemporary business managers believe that they can hardly do without wrapping their businesses around the internet through social platforms. This implies that marketing has been revamped with extreme focus on the targeted audience and not merely profitability (Castronovo and Lei 125). In the past few decades, it was possible for companies to grow and post impressive performances without putting in place aggressive marketing. However, it is now almost mandatory for business enterprises to engage in advertising and marketing. The dissemina tion of marketing messages is the main principle behind viral marketing in social media. In other words, internet-based channels are used for sharing viral marketing messages. Customers and business enterprises may connect emotionally when viral marketing is carried out in the most successful manner. Perhaps, it is crucial to briefly explore why social marketing through social media is increasingly becoming vital in the internet. To begin with, it is imperative to mention that changes have taken place in regards to roles of marketing. In addition, the same changes have been enhanced by social web. The traditional marketing tools are increasingly becoming irrelevant and less effective. This explains why the mass marketing model has been undermined. The social web context has also set up new guidelines for evaluating marketing success. Moreover, true interactivity has been promoted by the new forms of social media marketing. In order for companies to utilize social media marketing suc cessfully, they are definitely required to make use of contents that are relevant to the targeted audience. Besides, professionally designed websites cannot be ignored at all. There is usually no control in viral marketing bearing in mind that it is purely verbal. When considering the new forms of marketing, it is interesting to note that they are free of collateral. Both digital media relations and digital media marketing should be employed when engaging in social web marketing.Advertising Looking for essay on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For example, companies that use social media such as Facebook and Twitter ought to realize that the latter are marketing platforms that are generally non-intrusive. Marketing managers should realize that messaging is not the only role of social web. It is necessary to change the way old things have been done for a long time. Nonetheless, the use of social media in mar keting does not rule out the relevance of old marketing platforms such as billboards, TV and radio. Companies that expect to experience huge success in their marketing portfolio should use both the social media and conventional marketing tools (Daniasa 280). Works Cited Castronovo, Cristina and Huang Lei. â€Å"Social Media in an Alternative Marketing Communication Model.† Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness 6.1 (2012): 117-134. Print. Daniasa, Cora. â€Å"The Mechanisms of the influence of Viral Marketing in Social Media.† Economics, Management and Financial Markets 5.3 (2010): 278-282. Print. This essay on The Use of Social Media in Marketing was written and submitted by user TheAnarch1st to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.